All resources are free except those marked with the 💰 icon.

Community: Friends of the Schwa

If you'd like to meet other people interested in linguistics, you may be interested in our Discord community called Friends of the Schwa (invite link).

Course: Language and Thought

I teach a linguistics course aimed at people with no prior background called Language and Thought. This is a live, cohort-based course that places linguistics in conversation with philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and cognitive science to answer the question: Are the limits of my language the limits of my world? 💰

Course: Language Construction Workshop

I teach an introductory conlanging course called Language Construction for Beginners every few months. This is a live cohort-based course, where we learn about the basics of linguistic theory by rolling up our sleeves and building languages from scratch. 💰

Course: Inventing Alphabets

If you're interested in writing systems, I have a companion course to Language Construction for Beginners called Inventing Alphabets. Learn about how writing systems work by making your own, either for a conlang or for a natural language. 💰

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