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Language Construction for Beginners

This is a hands-on introduction to conlanging, where I'll take you through the process of making a language from the ground up.

Beginning 2021-02-18. For more information or to enrol, click here.


I publish an newsletter called The Winged Schwa, where I write about linguistics, language learning, and writing itself – in other words, how languages work, how to learn them, and what to do with the ones you've learned.

Why "The Winged Schwa"? Schwa is the name of the vow-el in all of the bold syl-lables in this sen-tence. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, it's written as an upside-down "e", like so: [ə]. It's become a sort of symbol for linguistics as a field. And in my case, it has wings because it flies into your inbox every so often.

If you're a lover of language, I think you'll enjoy it.

This newsletter is one part of my work-in-progress, which is to build an online platform and community of language lovers.

What else to add? Oh! It's free and it comes at most once a week.

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I write a newsletter for people who love language. Topics include linguistics, language learning, and writing. Sign up here: