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Meta-Skills for Language Learning


Learning a second language is something that many people attempt but few accomplish. Despite the wide variety of books, apps, and courses promising fluency with little effort ("in only 15 minutes a day"), most language learners do not achieve their goals. But there is lots of research studying how language learning works and how to do it effectively. Unfortunately, few language learners are aware of it.

This course aims to remedy that situation, offering an accessible and applicable introduction to the science and practice of language learning. You'll learn:

  • How to select materials (textbooks, tutors, courses, apps) for language learning (and which kinds to avoid!)
  • How to use language learning materials effectively
  • How to manage motivation throughout the language learning process
  • How your needs change as you move through the stages of language ability from beginner to intermediate to advanced
  • How to learn multiple languages at once (and whether you should do so)
  • How a little knowledge of how language works can save you a lot of time

In short, this course provides you with a toolkit of knowledge, techniques, and mindsets you can use over your lifetime as a language learner. Over the four weeks you’ll design your own personalized language learning roadmap, outlining a realistic plan for your next year of learning.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone actively learning a language (any language, at any level) or considering doing so in the near future. No theoretical background in linguistics or language acquisition is assumed.

However, if you are an experienced polyglot with a track record of successful language learning, this course is probably not for you (too basic!).

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